Health Care Software

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Primary Care

Delivering closed loop clinical solutions that support your daily practice and inform others involved in patient care.

Healthcare Software offers a range of innovative software solutions for use in both acute care and community health settings. Informed by healthcare.

Our solutions improve patient care and financial outcomes for your organisation.

HCS provide a comprehensive collection of decision support tools for the benefit of care providers within the hospital including pharmacists, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. It also offers support for a patient within the community through their GP, community pharmacists and aged care workers.

Medical Records

  • Medicines

    Complete clinical pharmacy support, from medicines reconciliation to interventions and counselling sheets in a single solution.

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  • Diagnostics

    Provides a single platform that can be used by both consumers and clinicians, either as a community provider portal or a complete enterprise clinic system.

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Clinical Knowledge Management Systems

  • HCS Formulary

    HCS Formulary

    Our unique single point resource for all medicines information, clinical and regulatory, combining national, state and local guidance.

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  • Digital-Health-Guide

    An emerging challenge for clinicians is the use of health apps by consumers. The DHG assess and recommends the best.

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Supply Chain and Controlled Drugs Management

  • StockInSite

    Provides effective tracking, accountability, administration, waste, disposal, restock and record keeping of all restricted medications.

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