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The core of health services delivery

HCS understand that clinical management is the core of health services delivery – following best practice to deliver care and treatment to patients. As the practice of medicine grows in complexity, as we move to models of care that are shared between clinicians, the challenges around access to information, decision processes and communication grow.

Our software solutions have all been created with clinicians, starting with the real business needs driving the technical solution that becomes our product. This close relationship with real users informing the outcome has led to a set of software solutions that really do meet your needs - supporting your clinician teams to deliver better health outcomes.

We also understand that there is neither a perfect software product nor a completed solution. Clinical practice is ever changing – and our products likewise constantly evolve. Only by allowing this can we ensure continued relevance to clinical practice!

The value proposition is simple. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, relevance to real practice is clear from the outset and barriers to subsequent acceptance are minimised. The results are high adoption rates and user satisfaction.

This section introduces our range of software products for closed loop solutions in medicines management, blood management, work management and communications, and antibiotic stewardship. Also, our solutions for equipment management and formulary are presented.