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Achieving closed loop medication management is widely accepted as one of the core goals of e-health reform.

HCS believes that the traditional view of this – being the prescription, dispensing and administration of medicines – is too narrow as it does not cover the scope of medication related activities. Rather, we describe best practice in medication management to be a 360 degree activity.

On Admission As an Inpatient At Discharge
Admission interview Inpatient review Discharge planning
Medication reconciliation Electronic prescribing Discharge PBS prescribing
Issues and referrals Electronic charts Patient counselling
Patient assessments Medicines administration Discharge summaries

Delivering more than just an electronic chart, the HCS Medicines solution informs all points of medication review, provides for PBS prescribing and electronic transfer of prescriptions. HIC approved and MIMS informed, the patient medicines record is informed from all prior clinical reviews, prescribing and pharmacy dispensed information.