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Healthcare Software offers a range of services to help plan your e-health strategy and to deliver its subsequent realisation. Our services are delivered by experienced clinicians and health ICT professionals and underpinned by agile intuitive approaches.

Experienced in all e-health domains, HCS is the lead Australian company specialising in medicines management and has a team familiar with all levels of health practices in the acute and community settings.

The company truly believes in the importance of really understanding healthcare - the experience of the patient in a bed, trying to manage in their home or the challenges facing a health professional to get their job done. Constraints on health expenditure, the maturity of technology and the challenges that change bring are other key facets of our perspective on health. Understanding this is too often missing in the e-health dialogue and must be the foundation for discussion of where we are going and how to get there!!

We can help deliver ICT solutions from planning through to implementation and integration. For solutions that have been delivered we can offer services to support and review benefit from your ICT investments.

Strategy Development and Advice

HCS understands state and national health priorities and strategies as promoted by government, private and healthcare organisations. In each case the formation of the strategic direction needs to be informed by the need to comply with these goals.

We also believe that the adherence to standards in regard to contributing to the vision of e-health is not a process of compliance. Rather it is one of vision and direction within the parameters and metrics that these standards set.

HCS can provide the expertise to engagement for success in strategic dialogue at any level of your organisation.

Project Management services

E-health projects face challenges in achieving success over and above those in other industries and therefore demand adequate addressing the issues of stakeholder engagement and risk management.

The range of our experience is demonstrated by the successful outcomes our team has been involved in. These have included projects in the public and private sectors, in both acute and community health.

Our focus on clinical engagement and communication in managing projects through all stages of their life cycle will deliver successfully to your e-health strategy.

Business Analysis

Effective business analysis begins with clear understanding of the health domain, relies on effective engagement with the true stakeholders and delivers outcomes that represent their needs.

HCS recognises that the role of business analysis can be wide and varied, from initial planning and management, to development of requirements in enough detail to allow them to be successfully implemented by a project team.

Other areas of speciality

Our contributions at a national level have involved participation in the Clinicians Reference Group charged with prioritising and detailing the development and release of national clinical standards. We have also been involved in the provision of expert guidance in the development of the Australian Medicines Terminology.

We have worked closely with health departments and health professional organisations over the past five years primarily as a supplier of software solutions. This relationship has also involved significant collaboration beyond the normal software procurement process. In partnership we have developed specifications around e-health requirements including discharge summaries, electronic prescribing and alerts management.