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Clinical Communication

Transform your referral management workflow with our industry leading secure solution

Referral management is an often-tedious manual process that keeps the patient needlessly waiting, or worse still could leave the request being miss-directed. Slow, inefficient referral systems can also lead to long lead times, which are inconvenient and frustrating for both patients and providers.

We now offer a flexible software system that streamlines the request process across healthcare. The cloud-based software is designed to transform the referrers’, clinic and patients’ experience.

The system allows health providers to manage the complete referral process in real-time, reducing wait times, efficiently scheduling health services while keeping the referrer and patient continuously up-to-date on their appointment and service status.

Key Benefits:

  • Increasing transparency of the referral process.
  • Reduces Wait Times for patients
  • Optimises Clinic Utilisation
  • Reduces 'Did Not Attend' occurences
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