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Health Knowledge Platform

Presents knowledge around any health concept

The Health Knowlwedge Platform is a software platform that was created to present knowledge around any health concept. It allows the combination of manufacturer, clinical, national, regulatory and, most importantly, local information to be presented in one place.

In addition to human readable information, our systems can be trusted data sources for any of your other systems.

Industry Leading Security

Our systems are bound to both State and National legislation on Privacy and Security and our practices are regularly reviewed and our systems penetration tested by independent third-parties.

Device Independant

All our Medical Records are able to function on a wide variety of devices regardless of the local hardware on which the software is used.

Organizational Interoperability

Our systems facilitate the secure, seamless and timely communication and use of data both within and between organizations, entities andindividuals. These components enableshared consent, trust and integration.

Giving you a safer experience

Enable your staff and providers to collaborate more efficiently and effectively, your organization as a whole will be able to provide better patient care and, ultimately, deliver greater patient satisfaction. Adoption doesn’t have to be a challenge; by offering a robust search function, customized feeds of information, and integration with many other existing apps, our platforms can easily be incorporated into your staff and providers’ existing workflows.

“Collates the information and provides insight into the evidance that is underpinning these apps.”

Dr. Elisabeth (Liz) Wearne, General Practitiioner


  • Next-generation decision support solution for medication management
  • Abridged and full MIMS monographs
  • Dosing, indications for use, contraindications, administration advice and other critical information

Digital Health Guide

  • High quality information about mobile health apps, including the ability to prescribe them
  • Ratings and reviews by other registered health providers,
  • An unrivalled quantity of Australian content

Medical Device

  • Aggregates regulatory, clinical, instructional and local information to provide a single point of reference for clinicians;
  • Allows selection of the most appropriate device base on cost and effectiveness
  • Provides access product information on how to use the chosen device

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Healthcare Software (HCS)
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