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Health Supply Platform

Track your controlled drug and vaccination schedules

Our web software is specifically designed to control the distribution of controlled drugs across a large organisation such as a hospital, ambulance service or pharmacy chain. It includes full incident management, fraud detection, dose control analysis and integrated user management.

To promote effective and equitable access to vaccines, HCS Stock Insite provides the perfect platform.

In relation to supply chain, the software solution provides enterprise-wide visibility of stocks and transfers between holdings. It also maintains comprehensive audit of transport and cold chain.

Industry Leading Security

Our systems are bound to both State and National legislation on Privacy and Security and our practices are regularly reviewed and our systems penetration tested by independent third-parties.

Device Independant

All our Medical Records are able to function on a wide variety of devices regardless of the local hardware on which the software is used.

Organizational Interoperability

Our systems facilitate the secure, seamless and timely communication and use of data both within and between organizations, entities andindividuals. These components enableshared consent, trust and integration.

Provide the best possible quality of care

Our industry leading contemporary solutions provide the best possible way of enabiling you patients health. Our solutions are developed in tandom with the health care industry to meet real world situations and address unsolved problems.

“Best in-market data security protection available on innovative software platforms.”

Dave Thomson, CHO Medical Place

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