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Senior Management Team

Mark Fahey

Sales Manager

Mark’s background is in biomedical engineering.

Originally, specialising in the automated collection of clinical vital signs in the ICU and their transmission via telemetry for real-time analysis by software expert systems.

His passion for this work led to him spending many years leading projects in remote locations in the developing world; in particular in conflict zones in South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Mark combined his interests in health informatics, business and diplomacy to fulfil international professional positions; developing opportunities for organisations designing acute care closed-loop electronic medication management and other high-technology health solutions.

Paul Mayne

Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer at Healthcare Software, Paul has assumed the role of creating the innovative clinical solutions for which HCS is proud.

He has been doing this for over a decade since he first joined the organisation. His capabilities have been demonstrated by the success of this product set.

In addition to an intimate understanding of contemporary technologies and development platforms Paul has taken a particular interest in understanding health standards, especially in the areas of clinical terminologies and interoperability.

Christian de Kievit

Software Architect

Christian has been with Healthcare Software since 2008, working initially as a senior developer and now working as a program lead within the company.

He has 20 years experience in the software industry, working in government projects nationally and internationally focusing on grants and land management before spending the last 10 years working with HCS in eHealth.

His primary motivation is to design and build software and teams that increase patient safety and drive better health outcomes for individuals within the health system, a set of goals that aligns with HCS’ company goals and has kept him with the company for the last 10 years and into the future.

Dave Caswell

Development Manager

Dave Caswell has fifteen years experience in product development across the health, environment and manufacturing industries.

He has been at Healthcare Software since 2013, with a primary focus on managing the development of the Formulary and Stock Insite products.

Dave is passionate about delivering modern, robust and flexible solutions that provide value to our clients and keep Healthcare Software as a leading provider of health solutions.

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