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Medical Devices

Providing a unique knowledge management tool for clinicians to promote best use of medical devices.

Medical devices are a major cost to health services.

Costs for devices are not optimised because of weaknesses on the demand side of the market, in the way products are assessed, purchased, and used. The core principles of value-based purchasing (integrated data on price and performance; alignment of financial incentives; and organizational capability to evaluate alternatives) are not applied to the medical device market.

In particular, new medical devices offer the promise of advanced treatment options and better outcomes for patients, but the high costs associated with the devices create financial challenges for hospitals. Price premiums for innovative devices range from two to ten times those of predicate therapies.

Product Features

  • Aggregates regulatory, clinical, instructional and local information to provide a single point of reference for clinicians;
  • Allows selection of the most appropriate device base on cost and effectiveness within individual clinician permissions;
  • Provides access product information on how to use the chosen device;

The outcome for organisations is lower expenditure on devices, while clinicians have confidence and support in how best to use devices, leading to better health outcomes for patients and further cost reductions.

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