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Providing a unique combination of supply chain and clinical use management of vaccines

Vaccine management is a critical health priority and particularly so in times of pandemic.

To promote effective and equitable access to vaccines, HCS Stock Insite provides the perfect platform.

In relation to supply chain, the software solution provides enterprise-wide visibility of stocks and transfers between holdings. It also maintains comprehensive audit of transport and cold chain.

At the point of administration, the system allows full documentation of administration of vaccines to target populations. Full incident management with escalation in reconciliation are integrated within the system.

For ongoing care, reporting allows visibility of vaccination program performance, follow-up revaccination and other performance metrics.

Product Features

  • Provides full supply chain management including cold chain monitoring;
  • Delivers enterprise-wide visibility of stock and usage;
  • Incorporates clinical records and reminders for revaccination;
  • Provides clinical support for administration of vaccines to staff or consumers and vaccination records;
  • Integrated incident management and fault detection.

The outcome for organisations is optimisation of distribution and confidence in administration of vaccines to consumers. Cost benefits arise from reduced infections consequent to better planned programs of administration and supply chain wastage avoidance.

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