A digital solution designed specifically for Ambulance and Emergency Services to safely and efficiently manage Controlled Drugs

Case Study:

The Impacts and Consequences of a Coronial Inquiry on an Australian Ambulance Service.

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Our Controlled Drugs Management Solution (CDM) is Australia’s most widely-used, purpose built controlled drugs solution for emergency services. CDM is designed to deliver complete management of controlled drugs across a public or private ambulance service of any size. CDM includes full end-to-end controlled drug management and reporting, incident management, issue escalation and a range of other features.

CDM provides a comprehensive suite of automated processes, functions and integrations to seamlessly manage and report on medication related distribution and administrative activities.

CDM is deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for access at any time through the browser of any device. It is highly scalable and captures the needs and uses across an organisation down to an individual user level.